In Fratta Polesine, in Rovigo province, Adriano and Otello Campion Brothers produced in their father’s steel structural works facilities, the first samples of stepped welded steel lighting columns.
Only few years later, in August 1972, this production line ,result of the creativeness and cleverness of the two young, becomes a real and true firm. Year by year, this firm growth up and developed and it is nowadays  leader in the design, production and sell of steel lighting columns, high mast and accessories, for decorative line, energy transport, telecommunications and board supports.

Pali Campion srl extend itself over an area of  50.000 mqit employs  innovative machineries, with a staff of qualified workers.

Pali Campion is a one member company owned  100% by the family holding HFC spa.
The management of the company is a family one .
The strategic functions are subdivided between the 6 brothers and cousins.



Adriano e Otello Campion brothers, go on with the traditions of “ iron workers” heritage of their father (steel structures worker and blacksmith) and formerly form their grandfather Fortunato Campion (blacksmith).
In Dino’s blacksmith workshop, they produce…all that what can be produced  with iron...

Campion Dino, years ‘50

The mayor of Fratta Polesine, asks to it friend the blacksmith Dino, to manufacture columns to light the train station street of the village, and thus the company CAMPION DINO E FIGLI produces the first columns.
We guard one of these columns, no longer in use since 2004, exposed in our factory.


Considering the good results obtained with the columns, they decided to invest in this activity. So  OFFICINE F.LLI CAMPION SRL was born, having the two brothers  Adriano e Otello partner at 50%, with head office , in via De Gasperi industrial area in Fratta Polesine, the present head office.
A plot of land was bought and a barn with attached house was build.
The staff is composed of  10 workers.
The main activity refers to the production of stepped steel lighting columns obtained from pipes sections joined together.

 Years ‘80
Important investment are done of the construction of conical columns from welded steel plate. A press for bending the steel plate is bought (12m length in one section, it was the only one in italy), and a cutting machine purpose made studied to cut the trapezium.
Welding, straightening and finishing machines are completely designed and manufactures inside the factory
With the same machinery also the first columns with polygonal cross sections are made.
The turnover is approx 1 500 000 € , with an average staff of  50 workers.

 Year ‘90
Adriano and Otello sons and daughters, in chronological order of service  enter into the company  : Antonella Katia, Emanuela, Erika, Mirko, Annalisa, Eleonora.
The company starts an upgrading  process to the gained dimensions. They moved from a typical handicraft approach to and industrial management system, even with the help of international criterion according to quality system standard ISO9001.
An internal  technical department is established dedicated to the design of the manufactured structures.
New products are developed such as high mast with mobile crown.
The turnover is approx. 5 000 000€, with an average staff of 70 workers .

 2000 - 2005     
Important investment are done to improve and increase automated process.
• Dedicated line for cutting of trapezium for polygonal columns
• press machine dedicated for bending the polygonal columns
• Automatic longitudinal welding for columns in one shell with diameter up to 500mm
• second longitudinal welded line for conical columns with circular cross section
• Automated plant for assembling and welding of columns in w shells with diameter up to 1100 mm
• Beam for longitudinal welding of big diameters up to 1700 mm in 2/3 shells
• automatic welding line for stepped columns up to 5 circumferential welding in the same time
• automation with press for bending polygonal columns with movement system of the trapezium, tracking of the bending line, and positioning with optic reading, extracting system of the bended column and movement up to the welding machine
• Robot system for door cutting
• automatic system for base plate cutting
The company obtains an important award for its organisational set up being finalist to the prize “Quality in Italy”.
The company obtains the CE certificate for the lighting columns according to EN40.
The turnover is approx 10 000 000 €, with an average staff of  70 workers

 2006 - 2010
Investments in technologies to improve products and machineries go on.
The company starts an approach to the market for decorative columns, publishing a purpose made catalogue named “iPaliarredo”.
A structure to manufacture conical columns with circular section with taper ratio 14 mm/m is realized obtaining thus, a particularly slender profile suitable to be used doer decorative columns and with better structural features but at the same time lighter and with reduced employ of row material.
The turnover now reaches  18 000 000 €, 75% in Italy e 25% export, with a staff  of  100 workers.


Between 2011 and 2012 an operation to prepare the ongoing generational change has been finished. “Officine F.lli Campion s.r.l.” becomes the family holding and is is renamed as in “HFC spa  “Campion family Holding”, conferring the company branch referred to the activity of lighting columns to the new company  “Pali Campion s.r.l.” owned  100% by “HFC spa”.
The company obtained the certification as authorized processing center according to D.M. 14-01-2008 (unified law for constructions).
The company obtained the welding quality system according to UNI EN ISO 3834. 

An important investment for the enlargement of the available space is done, with the purchasing of a plot of land nearby to the factory.
The company obtained the  CE certification of ironworks structures according to EN1090.
Despite of the Italian and international crisis of these years, the turnover remains stable but with a different percentage between domestic and export  Market, reducing the Italian market  (65%) and increasing the export market (35%).

On-going year, the company celebrates the 50° anniversary

The company obtains the ISO14001 certification for environment management system and the OHSAS 18001 certification for the worker’s health and safety

POLESINE IN DIRETTA - Cronaca, eventi, curiosità dal Polesine
Servizio televisivo 

Video Documentario 50°

Campion Adriano and Campion Otello,
gold medal, “Devotion to work – economic progress”.
Rovigo Chamber of Commerce

Pali Campion S.r.l.
Company award for the economic and social development in Venetian region.
Unioncamere Veneto

European community patent to protect the copyright design, 
Decorative lighting columns, with solar panel system.
Euroepan community trademark design and model department.

National patent to protect the copyright design,
 Decorative Lighting columns
Ministry of Economic development, patent and trademark department .

Officine F.lli Campion S.r.l.
“QS pali, Qualità, Sicurezza, Ambiente”.
ACAI Associazione Costruttori Acciaio Italiani.

Officine F.lli Campion S.r.l.
“Premio Qualità Italia”.
Associazione Industriali.

Campion Dino,
gold medal, “Devotion to work – economic progress”
Rovigo Chamber of Commerce

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