Lighting columns


Standard works at the base of the column

For standard works we mean the 3 works for electric wiring: cable entry earth connection slot for built in junction box Note. On octagonal columns, slot 186x46 on edgeRead more

Bituminous coating

It consists in the application on the base of the column, of a strip height 500 mm, composed of waterproof elastoplastic mass bituminous self-adhesive externally coated by a reinforced aluminium film.Read more

Termoshrinking sheath

It consists in the application on the base of the column, of a sleeve made of polyolefin netlike with an adhesive part which is heat activated and perfectly adheres to the surface Applied after the suRead more

Steel sleeve

It consists in the application of steel sleeve welded to the columns with center line on the basement overlapping point    Read more

Square base plate

The quoted dimensions are referred to columns steel grade S235JR. Base plates are made of steel grade S355, welded to the columns by qualified welders. anchor bolts are made of rod iron blank and coRead more

Pressed base plate

Pressed base plates resist to the strains transmitted from the column, either due to the shape and dimensions.The deformation, obtained by pressing, allows therefore to reduce the thickness compared wRead more

Flush type door opening obtained by cuttingĀ 

Opening with dimensions from  200x60 to 600x150, terminal board  connection inside the column Steel door cover with tamperproof locking device.2 solutions available: protection againRead more

Smoothing of longitudinal welding

Smoothing of the longitudinal welding by reducing the external welding seam in order to improve the esthetic of the column.  Read more

Top column adaptationĀ 

For lighting fixture connection, with threaded connection or cylindrical spigot Read more

Top column cap

Black nylon cap, overlapped, available for the following diameters 48-60-70-76-89-102-114 Read more

Hot dip galvanisation

Protection against corrosion by means of hot dip galvanization obtained by the following cycle: Degreasing; process carried out by dipping of the material into bathes containing watery surface-actiRead more

Our solutions for a good quality painting of galvanized steel poles

GALVANISATION + PAINTINGYou can make the life of a galvanised product longer, using the so - called duplex (or triplex) system, that is the combination of hot dip galvanisation and suRead more