MT-BT pole 12-27m


Steel sheet welded columns with polygonal cross section for middle and low tensions overhead lines, manufactured under certified quality check according to  ISO9001 by company ENEL approved and authorised as processing centre according to DM 14/01/08.
Composed of 2 or more sections joined at site by forced overlapping, obtained by cold forming of trapezium of pressed steel plate grade according to  EN 10025 and subsequent external longitudinal welding carried out by approved automatic process (submerged arc) and welding check according to EN ISO 3834.
Test draught ENEL approved following to the positive result of the draught test required on the document DS 3012 FOR Enel STANDARDIZATION.

Composition and works depending on the type of the column according to standardised schemes Enel DS3012:
scheme 1: column in 2 elements with M16 nut  earth device, throughout hole  d.22 and top cover with bush on top of the column;
scheme 2: column in 3 elements with M16  earth device, throughout hole  d.22 and top cover with bush on top of the column. 
Identification mark punched on the plate, quoting manufacturer’s name, columns code, and year of manufacturing.
Tolerances on dimensions DS3012 - UNI EN 10051

Protection against corrosion by means of hot dip galvanization obtained with the following cycle: degreasing; pickling, washing, fluxing, pre heating; hot dip galvanization in melted zinc bath at 440÷450°, with minimum percentage of zinc into the bath 98.5%. Coating obtained according to UNI EN ISO 1461 with minimum thickness 55 microns et average 70 microns.