Traffic light columns  


Sharpening of the standard for the verification on structural works, as well as the prescriptions of the “new rules of the road”,  brought the need of supports having stringer performances compared with those sued in the past.

Our answer was the traffic light column with octagonal cross section and curved bracket which takes advatages of steel sheet columns technology and in the meantime respects the aesthetic tradition of the traffic light columns with curved bracket 

Traffic light columns with polygonal cross section and curved bracket, manufactured under certified quality check according to  ISO9001 by authorised processing centre according to DM 14/01/08, composed of 2 elements (straight shaft + bracket) to be joined at site by forced overlapping, , obtained by cold forming of trapezium of pressed steel plate and subsequent external longitudinal welding carried out by approved automatic process (submerged arc) and welding check according to EN ISO 3834.

Material: ssteel S355JO EN 10025

Protection against corrosion by means of hot dip galvanisation obtained with the following cycle: degreasing; pickling, washing, fluxing, pre heating; hot dip galvanization in melted zinc bath at 440÷450°, with minimum percentage of zinc into the bath ³ 98.5%. Coating obtained according to UNI EN ISO 1461 with minimum thickness 55 microns et average 70 microns.

External painting, if any, with colour from our colour card, rough effect, obtained with thermosetting powders cycle including: cleaning from zinc coating burs; smoothing of the surfaces by means of a light mechanic device; cleaning of the surfaces in order to eliminate grease or dirty and create a good adherence base; application by means of electrostatic spray of polyester powder suitable for galvanized surfaces for outside installation, in order to reach  60/80 micron thickness; polymerization into oven at constant temperature of approx. 200° for 40-50 minutes, package for each column, by banding with tissue 100% polyester, (no pluriball), in order to avoid damages during the handling phase. The characteristics of the obtained coat will be: average thickness  60 micron, resistance to checkering test  ISO2409, resistance to crash test to UNI8901

All steel structural components according to CE standard are manufactured according to  EN 1090 execution class ECX2, certified by third party according to European directive UE  305/2011.


In order to standardize the columns, we studied 3 solutions namely:
- columns h.a.g. m 6.50, bracket 4 m, for 1 luminaire with panel  90x 135 cm
- columns h.a.g. m 6.50, bracket 5 m, for 2 luminaire with panel 90x 135 cm
- columns h.a.g. m 6.50, bracket 6 m, for 2 luminaire with panel 90x 135 cm
Furthermore in order to consider the different wind conditions in which Italy has been divided, we studied 2 versions levelling zones 1-2-3 and zones  4-5-6-7-8.