High mast with mobile panel with external rail


The high mast with mobile panel on external rail  with manual movement are the cheapest solution for small lighting plants with height from 16 up to 25m with a limited number of floodlights.

High mast with mobile panel which slides on external rail manufactured under certified quality check according to  ISO9001 by authorized processing centre according to DM 14/01/08 composed of:
Monotubular tapered shape shaft with polygonal cross section in several section joined by forced overlapping, Manufactured cold forming of trapezium of pressed steel plate EN 10025 and subsequent external longitudinal welding carried out by approved automatic process (submerged arc) and welding check according to EN ISO 3834.
Provided to be fixed to the basement by direct burying, or with base plate and anchor bolts, and provided at base with cable entry slot, earth device and suitable reinforced access door. Along the shaft there are the for the external rail fixing devices and on top there is a plate for the trailing head fixing .
Tolerances on dimensions  UNI EN 40/2 - UNI EN 10051.
Protection against corrosion by means of hot dip galvanisation obtained with the following cycle: degreasing; pickling, washing, fluxing, pre heating; hot dip galvanization in melted zinc bath at 440÷450°, with minimum percentage of zinc into the bath ³ 98.5%.

Coating obtained according to UNI EN ISO 1461 with minimum thickness 55 microns et average 70 microns.

Movement system according to the safety standard composed of mobile panel where the floodlights are fixed, it is sustained by a wire rope driven on the trailing head on top of the column; the mobile panel sliding on the rail – external rail along the shaft- , allows to lower the floodlights at such an height for easy maintenance of floodlights at ground.  Movement transmitted to the wire rope is operated by a manual hoist, applied onto the base of the mast.
The trailing head is composed by a structure with a bracket for the hoisting cable and the electric cable; it is made of galvanized steel  and provided to be fixed to the shaft by purpose made flange and bolts. The bracket is completely covered to grant the protection of the movement devices composed of polyamide pulleys  6.6 mounted on self-lubricated bushes and inox steel pivots. A system which prevents the hoisting and electric cable to go out of their groove is provided. The bracket is provided with an hooking system of the mobile panel. The trailing head is supplied already assembled and completed with the hoisting rope in galvanized steel polyethylene sheathed  (designed with minimum safety coefficient  6) and electric cable for floodlights feeding. The hoisting cable and the feeding cable are fixed at one end, to a drum,   whereas the other end is passed through the bracket and subsequently fixed to the mobile panel.
The mobile panel and the external rail are made of galvanized steel profile. To the mobile panel it is fixed an elastic hooked system composed of an inox steel pivot and double steel metal foils; This allows the panel to be strictly fixed to the trailing head and to completely release the cable during normal operation of the mast. The external rail is compose by a coupled track in preassembled elements which is externally fixed along the shaft by means of purpose made screws. Mobile panel is provided with anti-falling safety device, which,  in case of wire rope failure during movement operation, acts on the rail locking the falling of the panel.

Electric plant suitable to the power to be installed, composed of socket at the base shaft, where it is necessary to bring the electric line. Of the self-bearing cable, completed with CE plug at one end  and then connected  to the distribution panel on the other end. (In this way all the electrical contacts are definitive and there are not sliding contacts or bayonet contacts). The junction box, completed with already wired terminal board, is provided with tight socket needed for the test at ground of floodlights by means of purpose made extension with CEE plug.

Production of the electric plant employing only CE marked components and complying to the UE legislation “ low tension  73/23 CEE - 93/68 CEE and UE legislation “ electromagnetic compatibility   89/336 - 92/31 CEE - 93/68 CEE.

Manual hoist to be fixed to the base of the shaft when needed, to carry out the maintenance of the panel. The hoist is mounted on a wheel trolley suitable to the movement at site and it is provided with spacer which allows the operator to work at a safety distance. Only one hoist is needed to move several masts having  same performances. The chain of the hoist is connected to a drum which transmit the movement directly to the wire rope and therefore to the panel, allowing thus the raising – lowering of the floodlights mounted on it.  The hoist is provided with gear which comes into action in case the operator stops to movement  the handle, locking this the movement and the descent of the mobile panel.

All steel  structural components complying to CE, are manufactured according to EN 1090  execution class ECX2, certified by third party according to European regulation UE  305/2011.

The mast with mobile panel are CE marked  according to the standard in force  (DPR459/06 89/392/CEE, 91/368/CEE; 93/44/CEE; 93/68/CEE). The label on each mast quote: type of mast, model; item code, year of manufacturing.

External painting, if any, with colour from our colour card, rough effect, obtained with thermosetting powders cycle including: cleaning from zinc coating burs; smoothing of the surfaces by means of a light mechanic device; cleaning of the surfaces in order to eliminate grease or dirty and create a good adherence base; application by means of electrostatic spray of polyester powder suitable for galvanized surfaces for outside installation, in order to reach  60/80 micron thickness; polymerization into oven at constant temperature of approx. 200° for 40-50 minutes, package for each column, by banding with tissue 100% polyester, (no pluriball), in order to avoid damages during the handling phase. The characteristics of the obtained coat will be: average thickness  60 micron, resistance to checkering test  ISO2409, resistance to crash test to UNI8901.

To the design the high masts the following data are needed to be known:
– design wind speed 
– Arrangement of the surrounding landscape, that is ground roughness category 
– height up to the lighting source 
– number, type, dimensions and weight of the floodlights to be installed 
– floodlights arrangement  (on one side 180°; or all around  360°)


Mast provided to be fixed to the basement by direct burying.

In order to choose the suitable model You need to know: height up to the lighting source ; floodights arrangement, number and type of lighting fixture to be installed; design wind speed..

Floodlights on 360° Floodlights on 180° Floodlights on 360° 
with dome

Upon request our masts can be enriched with the supply of a cap which grants the protection of the system head-crown-floodlights.
This accessory is made of fiberglass resistant to chemical and weather agents. The cover is treated on the upper external surface with a perfectly smoothed finishing normally with colour grey  RAL 7032 (or other colours on demand) .